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Welcome to my website dedicated to my model railway layout US-inspired and built in scale Z (1: 220). If the passion of the train back to my childhood, it was not real until 2011, when I purchased my first electric train. The current layout you'll discover in this site is my first achievement in the world of model railroading.


Why Z scale?

Fascinated since my early years by everything that is small (insect, mineralogy, electronics ...), I have trained in Mechanical Engineering, Microtechnology option. When it came time to choose a model train scale, so I was tempted by both smaller than the H0 scale, added to a lack of crucial place in my house. The N has long tickled me until I discovered the Z scale. It was at once a revelation and nothing else could dissuade me. Z is approximately three times smaller than the H0, and therefore nine times smaller in surface!


Why US style?

For four main reasons: there is no French material on this scale (or very little), equipment manufactured by Märklin in Germany do not like it at all and hooks are ugly to die, and I've never liked the aesthetics of real french rail equipment! At contrary, I have always been fascinated by the American equipment, including the imposing size of locomotives and wagons. On the scale of countries actually...


What for?

The layout aim was, from the start, to be able to maneuver trains and sorting wagons. That is why it is not based on a single track in a realistic and existing landscape, but includes many yards. It is pure invention in its decor, representing no real places.


Selected period

This is again something that has definitely kept me away from Märklin and made ​​me closer to the US: I've never been too fond of steam engines, but I am however a fan of Diesel-Electric. So, the United States are dreamed, either in reality or in production of railway equipment in Z scale. Many models exist, in a quantity of delivered quite impressive. The period chosen is located between IV and V, a period ranging from 80's to today.


Electrical operation

The layout operation is only in DCC and has full confidence in Digitrax, all with wireless radio band. This choice, very thoughtful from the start, was motivated by several points: the ability to operate independently several locomotives at the same time, while thus freeing potential cantons to build, cuts ... Other motivations, management functions, including constant light machine, even at rest, and the complete management of the rolling equipment. DCC is easy to manage acceleration and deceleration curves... Not to mention the quality of the slow, quite extraordinary DCC on this scale. You can roll the locomotives at speeds of 1 mile/h to scale!


The challenge

Again, passionate by Microtechnology, it was necessary, in addition to the chosen scale, to find a difficult challenge to overcome, especially for the creation of my first layout. And the challenge was serious. I decided to bluid all my tracks! If the first 5 turnouts made ​​did not work at all (which was quite daunting, but I am persistent!), I quickly adapted editing techniques to obtain train passages without derailment. In the end, 150 feet of track (6.75 miles to scale!) and ​​43 turnouts, with code 40 profiled rail.



I want to especially thank my wife, who has supported my workshop at home (or should I say, a workshop house ...) for more than 3 years, not including the monopolization of the dining room table for many weeks. I also want to thank my children who support me and share my passion, in Z scale too!


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